Full Mouth Reconstruction: The Basics

Full mouth reconstruction might be a game changer in your life. Whether you have full reconstruction to beautify your smile or treat a severe dental disease, it can provide a viable long-term solution. This lengthy procedure entails a series of dental treatments to restore your natural teeth functionality and smile. You’re probably wondering what happens if you think you need a full mouth reconstruction to solve your dental problems. Everything you need to know about the method for full mouth reconstruction is provided here.

Who is a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction?

A patient who requires many oral treatments may be a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. A candidate must have good dental health to be healthy enough for numerous operations. If a candidate has gum disease, the dental expert must address that procedure first to allow the gums to repair and heal before proceeding with any other major surgery. A patient must also be in good enough health to get a local anesthetic to numb the areas that will be treated. During the consultation meeting, your dental professional will discuss these processes.

What are the steps in a full mouth reconstruction?

The following steps make up the full mouth reconstruction process, and they are as follows and if you wish to learn more, visit this website.

Finding the Best Dentist

When looking for a dentist, it is critical to do your research. If you have dental insurance, ask your provider which area dentist practices they cover and begin your search there. When looking for a dentist, keep patient ratings, office location, cosmetic dental services, education, and other factors in mind.


The initial consultation is possibly the most crucial step after you’ve selected the ideal dentist for you. This is the opportunity to speak casually with your dentist about your concerns and plans for the aesthetics of your mouth. Your dentist will perform a check-up and x-rays and discuss with you the alternatives for fixing any issues that occur during your check-up. If your dentist advises numerous operations, you can discuss the price of a full mouth reconstruction at this time.

Making a Personalized Treatment Plan

Once your dentist has obtained all of the essential information, they will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your personal needs and begin working toward a full reconstruction. If you have been advised that you require full mouth reconstruction or are afraid that such an extensive treatment may be required for you, it is critical that you share any concerns you have with your dentist, periodontist, and/or oral surgeon.


Although they should start to feel natural within a few days, it will take some time to acclimate to your new bite after the entire mouth reconstruction operation. Following the full mouth reconstruction procedure, patients may experience prolonged sensitivity to cold or hot food and beverages. Gum and tooth sensitivity is also very prevalent, particularly in more severe cases. Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss palliative treatment options that are available over the counter in the form of pharmaceuticals to help lessen the pain you are experiencing. If the discomfort or sensitivity persists for longer than you believe usual, please call your dentist to see whether a follow-up appointment is required.

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