How to Obtain Your Neighbor’s Consent for Party Wall Notices

A party wall or party structure is when you share an outside wall or a floor with your neighbor. In England, party wall issues are complicated and shared. Since the point is legal, any kind of conflict or unsolved problem can readily invite legal action against you.

Managing your party wall issues with the help of an expert advisor or a party wall surveyor can be quite beneficial in the short and long run. You can simply avoid issues by following the measures outlined in the Party Wall Act of 1996.

How to Get Your Neighbor’s Permission

If your neighbor agrees and allows you, you can quickly start your project with full privacy. This is stated in response to the party wall notice. Suppose they want to engage a party wall surveyor, like Icon Surveyors in London, mutual or private. In that case, the process is anticipated to take months, and so is your project.

Follow the instructions below to gain your neighbors’ approval in response to the party wall notice in an easy and trustworthy manner.

Build A Friendly Communication

A party wall notice is both a legal requirement and a way to let your neighbors know about changes you’re planning to the party wall. Nevertheless, it is best to obtain their trust by having a complimentary and respectful talk with your neighbor before informing them of your objectives. When your neighbor gets the notice, it helps to put them at rest.

On the other hand, getting a party wall notice, cover letter, and acknowledgment form out of nowhere can put them in a foul attitude. As soon as you get your first sketch, you may have informal and comfortable seating and speak to them.

Consider Their Objections

It is unusual for the second party to give your complete permission without complaints concerning party wall issues. Listening to their objections is an easy technique for winning them over. This will help you comprehend what you can do to obtain their approval for your idea. You can also inform them of potential changes to reduce their worries and objections.

Share The Drawing

The initial drawing is the finest way to communicate the total idea of your project to them. The most important point to remember in this situation is to let them understand the risks related to the project. This will help you in avoiding disagreement later in the course of your assignment. You don’t need to explain or disclose the precise architectural layout. Still, you should discuss how it could affect their home in an easy-to-understand way.

Serve Notice Early

If you want your neighbor’s approval, it is highly recommended that you serve your party wall notice as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute to serve your party wall notice gives the idea that you want them to make a quick decision. As a result, they can hire a surveyor, which you need to pay for. In this case, you can browse and visit to get helpful advice.

Schedule Of Condition

Assume your neighbor has no reservations regarding your project proposal but is still not sure. In that situation, you can offer them a Schedule of Conditions. By employing a surveyor, you can carry a Schedule of Conditions that records the current condition of your neighbor’s nearby house area. 

This can place your neighbor at ease because they will be able to compare and identify the damage to their house at the end of the job. In this case, you can visit for more info from the expert.


Before delivering the party wall notice, include your neighbor in your effort to gain their trust. It may cause them to offer you permission without first consulting a party wall surveyor.

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