How to Pair Wine With Different Pizzas

It’s been a tough week, and you’re incapable of cooking your meal. Nothing can be more comfortable than ordering pizza from your favorite takeaway shop. Is that a frozen pizza you’re removing? The most fun part is deciding which bottle of wine would go best with that scrumptious pizza. If you had to pick one, which option would it be?

What is the best way to pair wine with pizzas?

Don’t open the wine bottle Cava or a solid red wine until an important occasion has transpired. The high-brow and low-brow combination of a slice of pizza stuffed with cheese and a bottle of expensive mixed wine case is an excellent Friday night treat. A few superb wine pairings for pizza are listed below.

Mushroom Pizza With Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco

Regardless of the type of wine or a glass of sparkling champagne, it is a surprising combination with wine that is sure to please. Drinking a glass of sparkling champagne on the most mundane of evenings: a relaxed night at home is the most exaggerated combination of posh-drinks-meet-comfort-food. It’s definitely pizza. The delicate effervescence compliments the mushroom’s earthiness while not overwhelming the pizza’s strong flavor.

Italian Red Wine With Meaty or Pepperoni Pizza

If you love pizza with pepperoni and sausage, you must take a sip of a hearty bottle of Italian red wine and sip it along with your meal. Most strong red wines will go well with the meaty flavor; however, keeping an Italian theme for pizza nights always adds some fun to the evening.

Aged White Wine With Vegetable Pizza

Think about a light white wine or something different such as dry white wine, if you like onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, or other veggies on pizza. Both of these wines are made in Austria. The taste will be fresher and crisper, which is perfect with the delicate flavor of the veggies as well as the mozzarella cheese.

Fruity White and Hawaiian Pizza

A refreshing, fruity white blend will highlight the sweet notes of pineapple and complement the salty ham. Green wine is another good alternative. A spicy, acidic, and palatable white wine usually has a slight sparkle that brings out the smoky flavor of this distinctive pizza style. Certain rose wines also help to highlight the contrast between the sweet pineapple and the salty ham. Check out this page for a variety of choices for gifts and events.

Aged Red Wine With Anchovy Pizza

Anchovies are salty, fatty, and strong; therefore, an older red is the best to withstand the harsher characteristics. You may look for wine special offers that are dry, less sweet, or aged. They are typically aged for a long time enough to give tertiary characteristics that balance the strong taste of this cured pizza topping.

Aromatic Red, Light or Medium Body, With Classic Cheese Pizza

The most basic can be among the most elegant in terms of pairing wine pizzas with wine. Cheese pizza is made with only a few ingredients, but it is usually more acidic because of the tomatoes in the sauce. Since the flavor isn’t overwhelmingly moderate to light-bodied, red wines complement the pizza beautifully. Red burgundy wines or an apricot-flavored wine is light enough not to overshadow pizzas made of good basic ingredients but also acidic enough to help cut through the fat and oil added by the cheese being melted. Go with a smoky red wine if you’re eating a more substantial cheese pizza.


Although wine can be challenging to comprehend, pizza is a breeze. The ideal time to enjoy comfort foods is when you aren’t feeling like cooking or dining out. Don’t be too concerned about the wine pairing. Try different varieties and blends to find out what best matches the flavor of the toppings you choose. Try tasting whatever you have in your fridge. It’s usually a good experiment. Do not be concerned if you prefer to save your wine for an exquisitely seared fish or a substantial steak. Beer is great with pizza of any kind.

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