How Private Investigators Help Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Infidelity is among the most common reasons why couples divorce. If you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating, it can be difficult to deal with the uncertainty. An experienced private investigator can help you catch a cheating spouse with proven strategies.

How Private Investigators Gather Evidence of Infidelity

1. Background Check

Background investigations are among the first steps a private investigator will take when you hire them to catch your cheating spouse. This process involves checking criminal records, financial records, and social media accounts. The goal is to check if there is anything in your spouse’s past that could indicate they are likely to cheat.

2. Surveillance

Surveillance is another common tactic private investigators use to catch a spouse with an extramarital affair. This involves following your spouse and recording their movements. Investigators may also use GPS tracking devices to track your spouse’s car.

In some cases, they conduct surveillance without your spouse knowing they are being followed.

3. Polygraph Test

A polygraph test, often called a lie detector test, can determine if your spouse is being truthful about their whereabouts or if they have been unfaithful. Private investigators are trained in administering these tests and interpreting the results.

4. Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a branch of private investigation that deals with retrieving evidence from computers and other digital devices. Private investigators can use this to catch a cheating spouse by retrieving deleted emails, text messages, and social media messages.

5. Interviews

Private investigators may also interview your spouse’s friends, family, and coworkers to gather information about their whereabouts and possible infidelity. These interviews are conducted discreetly not to tip off your spouse that they are under investigation.

6. Asset Investigation

Private investigators can also help you track down any assets your spouse may have acquired during their affair. This can help determine how much money you may be entitled to in a divorce settlement.

Importance of Hiring Experienced Private Investigators

Experienced PIs have the skills and knowledge needed to gather evidence discreetly and efficiently. They have access to resources and tools to provide litigation services that the average person does not. This allows them to get the proof you need to decide your marriage.

If you plan to work with a private investigator to gather evidence of your spouse’s infidelity, do your research and look for an experienced and qualified investigator. The sooner you can start gathering evidence, the better.

To spot a reliable private investigator, look for these signs:

Member of Any National Investigation Associations

Ensure they are members of a professional organization, such as the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), National Association of Investigative Investigative Specialists (NAIS), etc. This ensures they are reputable and have the proper training.

Agrees to Meet with You in Person

A private investigator willing to meet with you in person is someone you can trust. This allows you to ask questions and get more information about how they work.

When you’re meeting with potential private investigators, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many cases have you worked on?
  • Can you provide references?
  • What methods do you use to gather evidence?
  • How much do you charge?
  • What are your payment terms?

Has a Website and Reviews

A private investigator with a website and positive reviews online is likely a credible business. Be sure to read reviews before making a decision.

Licensed and Insured

Check to see if the PI is licensed and insured. This shows that they are a legitimate business and have met the requirements set by their state.

The licenses and insurance also protect you if something goes wrong during the investigation.

Has a Physical Office

A private investigator with a physical office is more likely to be legitimate. This shows that they are serious about their business and have invested in their own infrastructure.

Final Thoughts

If you suspect that your wife or husband is having an affair, hiring a private investigator may be the best way to find out for your peace of mind. PI’s are trained in many methods of gathering evidence and can help you get the answers you need.

When meeting with potential private investigators, ask about their experience, qualifications, rates, and if they are licensed and insured. Also, do your research to ensure they are reputable, such as Claims Bureau USA. Visit the Claims Bureau USA homepage to find out how they can help you.

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