A Must-See After Retirement: The Cyclades of Greece

Retirement is the best time to travel the world and check out the areas you’ve constantly wished to see in person; taking some time off can help lower stress levels, mainly if you spend that minute with family and loved ones. When you do something adventurous like scuba diving, surfing, island hopping, or even trying out various specials or dishes, your brain will give you personal satisfaction. In short, doing something special makes you feel excellent, and exploring the Cyclades in the country of Greece will certainly make your getaway an unforgettable experience.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades is a group of islands in the country of Greece, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. It consists of thirty-nine islands, of which twenty-four are occupied. The Cyclades have a rough beauty that will definitely impress you. Cliffs, dry landscapes, beautiful beaches, and wild mountains are the features of nature in the Cyclades. Many individuals try providers like Greece Insiders recommendation for a hassle-free and breathtaking tour in the Cyclades.

Islands to Visit in The Cyclades


Tinos is a captivating island, it’s one of Greece’s holiest places, consisting of over one thousand churches, and when you explore the island, you will spot hundreds of them. Apart from its religious significance, Tinos island rewards tourists with lots of surprises like stone-made homes, stunning towns, Cycladic dovecotes, and incredible beaches.


Naxos island is the largest isle of the Cyclades, populated by twenty thousand people. This island has a variety to offer, such as traditional villages, archeological sites, delicious food, fantastic beaches, and numerous trekking spots. Because of its many lowlands and valleys, Naxos has actually been famous for being fertile by producing different agricultural products like olives, potatoes, and wine of exceptional quality since the old days. Indeed, a getaway on Naxos will have plenty of tastes and delicious meals.


Santorini island is the most well-known island not just in the Cyclade but also in the whole country. This island would certainly be among the most magical places you will tour. You can explore the unique white and blue houses, delight in luxury hotels with infinity swimming pools, dine in delicious restaurants, and see the caldera that offers the most stunning sea views you’ll ever see. You can as well explore these islands’ enchanting beaches through island hopping and do a picnic with your family or enjoy water activities like kayaking, surfing, and sunbathing. You can check out this page and find travel itineraries options for a more fun getaway.

You can also visit the City of Athens, which you can access by ferryboat, and step back in time as you understand the history of ancient heroes and legends from their archeological sites.

Accommodation in the Cyclades

Hotels in the Cyclades differ in accommodation type. Visitors can find luxury family resorts in Athens, family studios, self-catering apartments, health spa resorts, and exclusive vacation homes with swimming pools. This extensive range of Cyclades hotels certainly depends on the popularity of the island.


Exploring various places after retirement will make you happier and much healthier because traveling enhances the sense of accomplishment and strengthens family connections. This retirement will be terrific if you plan ahead of time. You can spend this getaway problem-free by finding sites online that provide travel plans. It would be a perfect vacation, tremendous and memorable.

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