How to Start Your New Healthy Lifestyle Today


Have you ever noticed that you can always find a reason to put off ’til tomorrow what you could do today? This is particularly true in regards to starting a new healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’ve got a girls trip coming up, an anniversary to celebrate, a birthday party to attend, or it is Wednesday and you prefer to wait till Monday to be healthy. Whatever the excuse might be that you use to rationalize procrastinating the start of your new healthy lifestyle, I am here to let you cut it out! There is simply no reason for you to postpone your personal health and wellness. After all, today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Here are three tips that will assist you to start your new healthy lifestyle today!

Tip #1: Be Honest With Your Personal: Honesty is your best policy. Should you fall under the category of”excuse manufacturer”, you need to own it up should you have any expectation of earning a shift. After you can admit that you are making excuses to delay your new healthy lifestyle, you will be able to move forward and do everything you have to do to begin today!

Hint #2: Make a Plan: I’m a big fan of earning a plan. In case you have a plan set up, you are just one step ahead of the match in terms of getting started on your personal quest for health and wellness. Your plan will have to tackle both exercise and nutrition. Devising a strategy for yourself will create structure, bring about discipline, and lay the basis for your healthy way of life.

If you recently decided to embark on your new healthy way of life but you have a trip planned with all the women, for example, don’t wait until you get back to start. Rather, start today and call ahead to the hotel to see if they have a gym. If the solution is yes you are all set. If the answer is no, ask if there’s a gym nearby that they can advocate. Most fitness centres let you pay a customer’s fee for the day. A playground is a superb place to receive your workout in as well. You might also bring a fitness video or DVD and exercise in the comfort of your hotel room. A quick call to your hotel will provide you with all the information you want to make your workout program. You most likely will be getting an early start to your day to fit your workout in, but think about all the energy you will have for the rest of the day!

The second part of your plan is nutrition associated. Most individuals tend to throw caution to the wind and go hog wild concerning meals since they are on”vacation.” This can result in plenty of guilt upon the return home and also the dreaded task of working off those extra pounds. Instead, make a plan to make wise decisions for your meals while you’re away. You may even wish to pack some healthy snacks from home to your high-value and mid-afternoon snacks. Most restaurants offer a range of healthy options these days and you can always make amendments to menu items to eat healthily. Most eating habits are willing to give your requests. Then decide when, where, and how you’d like to indulge in your cheat meal during your journey. Not cheat foods, not cheat days, however, cheat meal! You will feel much better on your return home in that you practised self-control!

Hint #3: Execute, Execute, Execute: There is not any sense in using a plan if you don’t implement it. Choose to start your new healthy lifestyle today, create a plan, and then execute it! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for this!

When I think of spring, I think of bare toes, freshly mowed yards and reading a fantastic book under a tree when soaking up the heat of sunlight at the playground. This season begs to get a simpler lifestyle. One with fewer distractions. Less clutter. Room to move, breathe and laugh.

What will a simpler life seem like for you? Fewer obligations? Fewer possessions? Fewer bills? As our world shifts to a period of refreshing, salty and simplifying, we will discover that our lifestyles change with it. Below are my top 10 ways to simplify your lifestyle (in no particular order). You can start any one of these today and I encourage you to do so!

  1. Donate everything you no longer want or desire. Help a good cause whilst clearing out the clutter that junks up your mind and your property. Donations may be given to charities such as Goodwill – to get smaller contributions such as clothing, furniture or household items. Habitat for Humanity – aid those in need of a home by devoting furniture, extra building materials, remodelling remnants, etc. The Kidney Foundation – for large contributions such as cars, golf clubs or money. Swaptree – Tired of your music, novels, DVDs or video games? Trade them free of other users through the net. Craigslist – Make a profit from your used gear without the hassle of eBay listings. These donations and discounts can make a huge difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Especially now. Additionally, getting rid of the stuff that is taking up space is only going to give you more space to breathe, think and relax.
  2. Dedicate to a couple of months without television, internet or cable. Your choice! Without the distraction of your weekly displays, you allow for more personal, family or friend time. Decide what isn’t essential and perform a trial run with no. If you can not stand the thought of going cold turkey, keep a log of how long you spend on the internet or watching TV at home a week. Those are the hours you can save yourself to do the things that you don’t believe you have time for.
  3. Try to use all of your resources before reusing them. For instance, only do laundry once you absolutely need to, or move through all your plates or silverware before running the dishwasher. This will not only help save you electricity, water and time but also make you aware of in which you have a surplus.
  4. Proceed through publications, papers and old documents. Shred that which you don’t need and contribute the remainder. Individuals are working hard in our community to offer you the very same resources which are sitting and collecting dust on your shelves. Reach out programs like Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte for instance are collecting used books to stock the shelves of their new publication. All the profits go to construction supplies for homes of those in need. Most libraries also take contributions and websites likes will also come to pick them up!
  5. Eat more and flake out. Save cash and make family meals more important. Whatever happened to some home-cooked family meal around the dinner table? Much less eating a meal sitting down rather than on the go! Casseroles and soups create great dishes that can be frozen ahead of time (saving you time during the week) and give tasty leftovers for snacks and lunches. Reduce junk food since you grocery shop and fill up your refrigerator with organic veggies and fruits from the farmer’s market (also saving yourself money!).

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