The Holistic Approach to Periodontal Disease

A bacterial infection called periodontal disease causes inflammation of the bones and gums that support and surround the teeth. Noninvasive approaches to treating the gums are part of the holistic approach to treating periodontal disease. In addition to standard tartar removal methods, holistic dentists utilize low-level laser disinfection, microscopic bacterial analyses, and nontoxic irrigation.

Holistic dentistry reduces the quantity of potentially dangerous chemicals we expose our bodies to, such as dental fillings, chemicals included in over-the-counter mouthwash, and chemicals in food. Most people are mostly ignorant of the cumulative detrimental effects that these chemical compounds can have.

Holistic Treatments for Periodontal Disease

If periodontal disease is allowed to progress, it poses a significant risk to all facets of your dental health. Fortunately, patients have a wide range of alternatives for restoring their healthy gums, including holistic periodontal therapies offered by experts; contact them to get more information.

Ozone Therapy

The oral bacteria that build up on your teeth and gums daily are the foundation of periodontal disease. Some of these bacteria specifically target the periodontal tissues in your mouth, causing inflammation and infection that eventually kills the tissues.

But hazardous oral bacteria may also exist without oxygen because they are anaerobic or oxygen-dependent. To more effectively fight the bacteria attacking your gums, ozone therapy involves injecting oxygen into the unhealthy parts of your gums.

The ozone molecules are delivered directly to the infected gum tissue, aiming for and infiltrating any active infection pockets. Ozone therapy is frequently used with laser gum treatments to help manage the infection and remove irreparable gum tissue. Ozone therapy frequently aids in the recovery from a laser gingivitis treatment.

Perio Tray Therapy

Your periodontist from Holistic Dental Center: veneers may also advise Perio tray therapy, a continuous maintenance method that uses a solid but secure antibacterial medication, for better bacteria-fighting outcomes. If your periodontist suggests a Perio tray, you can use a set of personalized trays to apply the therapy to your gums daily. Between appointments with your periodontist, you can lessen gum inflammation and slow down or stop the disease’s course with standard treatment.

Due to the medicine used to treat your gums, Perio tray treatment does need a prescription. Your trays are also made specifically for your mouth; a dentist must fit them. The snug fit ensures that the drug works well, reaching the gums only and not escaping and entering the mouth.

Platelet-Rich Therapy

Increasing your periodontal tissues’ capacity to defend themselves against harmful microorganisms is another aspect of holistic periodontal treatment. The platelets in your blood, which are the regeneration components of your blood cells, give your gums their mending ability. Platelets are used in platelet-rich plasma and fibrin treatments to speed up the healing process for your gums.

To promote the renewal of your periodontal tissues while feeling the consequences of periodontal disease, this therapy employs platelets that naturally stimulate the formation of healthy tissues. Stimulating the formation of healthy tissues can be crucial in treating your periodontal troubles, just as removing damaged and diseased tissues can aid in controlling your condition.

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